They paved the way for a new era

After almost a year playing together this roster comes to an end. When this team was created back in April we had an ambition to dominate nationally. The expectations were set and the team delivered from it’s inception with back to back national wins in NVL, qualification to Polaris and ended the year as the 28th best team in Europe.

However, going into off season the team suffered from inconcistent results. It became clear to everyone that the results were not good enough and changes was needed. Also, with Polaris coming up in 2024 quickly became apparent that a change of stategy was also necessary. After carefull and thurough evalutation and planning, in December we announced the departure of ralle and Martux from our Valorant team.

During the holidays, and the weeks before it, we have been testing and talking to a handfull of different players to find the perfect fit. During this time, it became clear that keeping a core of 3 inexperienced players at this level would not make it possible to achieve our goals for 2024. Also with little knowledge about the league due to change of tournament operator, potential roster lock and working through the holidays we had to let Cintyx go. It is important to mention that Cintyx was inititally intended to be a part of the project.

We would like to show both ralle, Martux and Cintyx our greates gratitude for the jurney they have been part of throughout 2023. Thank you!

A new era begins

Today, we are proud to announce our roster for the 2024 season:

Vong ”vong” Nguyen
Lukas ”Demiurge” Hedberg Larsson
Alexander “Spolen” Spolén
Marco “HearthBeat“ Soffia
Aurimas “Dreamas“ Zablockis
Adrian “NFist“ Czerniło (C)

After a long period with trials and meetings we finally found the composition we saught after. With a solid mix of inexperienced and experienced players of this caliber, we believe we have composed the team we have been scouting for and their talent is up there with the very best. This team marks the start of the new era of Metizport’s Valorant division, as we aim for the very top.

With our old duo of Demiurge and Spolen, comes a wealth of fresh blood to the team. All well established players with a wealth of experience to bring along with them.

I’m incredibly excited to get started with our first season in Polaris. This lineup is a mix of talent and experience and is going to be surprising.

-Alexander “Spolen” Spolén

Our new team will be competing in the upcomming Polaris Split 1, starting February 1st. Make sure to follow us on twitter for live updates on every game, as we aim to qualify for ascension 2024 in September!

We are incredibly excited for the upcomming season and we hope everyone in the metizport family joins us in wishing our new roster the absolute best of luck!