Metizport is Building for the Future – New Agreements Signed

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully signed new agreements with the majority of our players and coach, Ahmed Abdi, for our CS team. Since our expansion into Sweden last year, we have experienced significant and progressive development both in the club and our sports endeavors.

Our achievements include being ranked as the best team in Sweden and qualifying for Blast, which has solidified our position within the CS scene and garnered considerable positive exposure.

We have secured a new contract with coach Ahmed Abdi, extending through 2025. Additionally, Linus Bergman has signed a new contract lasting until the summer of 2025, as have the brothers Adam and Tim Ångström.

At this time, we have not succeeded in renewing contracts with Jack “Jackinho” Mattson and Erik “ztr” Gustafsson. The team has made substantial progress recently, achieving around a 70% win rate in their matches. We are continuously working to facilitate greater sports growth.

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