Metizport continues to focus on engagement with its follower base – launching a new concept. 

Metizport is excited to announce Thomas “Norden” Sæves as our new Community Caster and host. He will play a central role alongside Jonas “JoVo” Vollre Åkre in Metizport’s latest project, aimed at bolstering engagement with our followers, fans, and members.  
This initiative is designed to bring Metizport closer to our supporters. As a crucial part of this strategy, we will increase the number of live-streamed activities and matches represented by the club. This will include everything from open qualification tournaments to various tournaments and matches where we secure rights and participation. 

To further strengthen our bonds with the community, we will offer closer access to players and club leaders through press conferences about club news and changes, as well as interviews with players, staff, and fans. This will be complemented by a wide array of live content on our Twitch channel. 

Our engagement kicks off with a livestream from the ESL Challenger DH Melbourne this Monday. The first match is scheduled to start at 18:00, with the broadcast beginning just before. Follow us on our X account for more details about the event. 

Our broadcasts will primarily be in Norwegian and English, tailored to the nature of the events and which team within the club we are covering. 

The focus will mainly be on our Swedish main team in CS2, our Valorant team, and our academy team in CS2 competing at the top level in the Good Game league. 

About Thomas “Norden” Sæves: 

Thomas brings experience from commenting and entertaining during matches in the Skagerak Technologies Corporate League, in addition to covering a range of other matches as a freelancer. Thomas is known for his dynamic personality and ability to engage and entertain the audience. 

About Metizport: 

Metizport is an emerging player in the Nordic esports and entertainment market, with sporting ambitions within some of the biggest game titles. With a top-ranked Swedish CS2 team in Sweden and a 44th place in the world ranking, an international Valorant team among the top 30 in Europe, and an academy team playing at Norway’s highest level. The club also has several profiles within content creation and in the game Super Smash Bros. 

We’re looking forward to let you come closer to the club.