Investornytt join as new partner

We are pleased to announce that Investornytt is one of our new Partners. With the code “Metiz”, you get a 40% discount on an annual subscription to Investornytt. It means a lot to us that Investornytt sees the value of what we do, and sees our vision. We are proud to have Investornytt on our team!

Investornytt is pleased to be able to contribute and give something back to the community that creates engagement and brings young people together in their free time. Metizport’s vision, character, and attitude are values that we at Investornytt hold in high regard. For Investornytt, we see clear advantages of being visible with Metizport – the next generation is active in E-sports, and we are the financial website of tomorrow under development.

 -Espen Teigland CEO & Partner

Who is Investornytt?

Investornytt is a non-editorial financial website – controlled by major Norwegian investors.

Here you will find information and insights into all markets, seen from an investor’s perspective. Investornytt shares analyses and relevant content created by their skilled partners to provide members and readers with the best possible insights. Investornytt focuses on offering broad insight into the stock market, the crypto market, and everything else investor-related. So, whether you are a seasoned veteran in the stock market exploring crypto, or a seasick crypto investor tempted by the somewhat more stable stock market, you will find the insight you need to get started on your new adventure.

Thank you Investornytt for believing in our vision!