Hav Group becomes a new Discord partner

The international provider of technology and services to the maritime and marine industries becomes a partner in Metizport.

CEO in Hav Group & Concept Developer Herman Brune Leikanger in Metizport

Photo: Metizport

Metizport is pleased to introduce Hav Group as our new partner for the communication platform Discord. For an extended period, Metizport has utilized Discord as a channel to connect more closely with its fans and followers. The commitment is now even more significant as the publicly listed company, Hav Group, becomes the official partner for the platform.

HAV Group and its subsidiaries are international providers of technology and services for the maritime and marine industries. With several decades of industry experience, HAV Group possesses specialized expertise in guiding the marine and maritime industries through the green transition towards the goal of zero emissions.

We at HAV Group are proud to be part of Metizport and support a diverse range of offerings for children and youth with an interest in computing. Metizport has created a positive arena where young talents can flourish and find joy in the world of e-sports.

– Gunnar Larsen, CEO Hav Group

Hav Group once again shows innovation by recognizing and valuing the goals we work towards. We look forward to the collaboration with great enthusiasm and hope this can inspire others to engage in a similar manner.

-Herman Brune Leikanger, Concept Developer at Metizport

What is Discord?

Discord is an application where people can talk and text each other on the internet. It’s like a big chat line where you can create your own small rooms to talk with friends about games, work, or other hobbies. You can also send pictures, show videos, and share your screen with others. People use Discord because it’s easy to use, and you can choose exactly who you want to talk to.

Metizport’s Discord Server

Metizport has its own server used for communication with members, followers, fans, and the rest of the community. The server currently has over 500 members and functions as a digital cultural center. Metizport’s Community Manager often organizes events such as game nights, tournaments, watch parties for our teams’ matches, and a range of other activities.

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