Who are we?

We are Metizport! The Norwegian esports organization based on the beautiful coast of Sunnmøre.

Our story

It all started in the boys’ room of our founder, Arjan Dalsøren. From a dream, this project has grown bigger and bigger. The Metizport ship has sailed into international waters, and we continue to get more wind in our sails day by day. All of this with a base in little Myrvåg. We started as a group of friends, but have evolved into a family. For us, community and the joy of gaming are central. We are passionate about esports and we take care of the whole spectrum. With broad training for the development of talent, to teams that perform at the top level in the world, we have the whole package.

We care about our community. Whether you are a hobby gamer, an esports fanatic, or someone who just likes to hang out on discord, you are warmly welcome into the Metizport family. Here, we will make sure that you feel at home, are seen, and that you will have fun with us. Here we create memories for life, unity, and an environment where one can develop.

Why «Where gaming Matters»?

At Metizport we share the love for gaming and esports. Gaming matters for the generation growing up now, and the professionals striving to achieve their dream. We see you, your love for gaming and we support your dreams. Our dream is to become one of the best esports organizations in the world. Why? Because we want to make sure that people who care about gaming and esports become part of a community that cares, a place to develop and a place “Where Gaming Matters”.