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We participate in esports tournaments at both low and high levels, aiming to foster inclusivity and excellence within the gaming community.

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We are your partner in growth

We are the Partner for you! If you are a small company or a big company, that does not matter for us. Metizport is “Where gaming matters”, and we want to develop partnerships that can build on that. We want to be a place where talent can grow, people have fun and our teams hitting hard. A partnership with us is shaped to benefit you, us and alle the gamers following along on our journey. We have a concept developer ready to design a partnership that fits you. If you want to become our partner, contact us here!





  • Investornytt join as new partner

    Investornytt join as new partner

    We are pleased to announce that Investornytt is one of our new Partners. With the code “Metiz”, you get a 40% discount on an annual subscription to Investornytt. It means a lot to us that Investornytt sees the value of what we do, and sees our vision. We are proud to have Investornytt on our…

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  • Hav Group becomes a new Discord partner

    Hav Group becomes a new Discord partner

    The international provider of technology and services to the maritime and marine industries becomes a partner in Metizport. CEO in Hav Group & Concept Developer Herman Brune Leikanger in Metizport Photo: Metizport Metizport is pleased to introduce Hav Group as our new partner for the communication platform Discord. For an extended period, Metizport has utilized…

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